Walking Chloe on Whitesands Beach

Walking on Whitesands Beach, Pembrokeshire

Literature, science and the world I see around me, in particular the West Wales coastline where I live and work is the source of most of my inspiration. The starting point for me almost always originates whilst walking, something I do daily with my lovely dog whatever the weather. The stormier the better I think but I’m not sure she agrees with me! Collecting materials and ideas for my work, I am struck by the force of nature that is so evident here.

Erosion, growth, storms and the meeting of land and sea are all humbling in their transient, ever changing beauty. Considering not only the physical but also the philosophical nature of life, the vessels draw these concepts, thoughts and discoveries together. Natural, recycled and man-made materials are used in combination to demonstrate the potential for harmony and beauty in our relationship with our landscape.
The work is about mindfulness and taking the time to observe and think about our surroundings and how we interact with them.